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4 Category Pages

When you have a menu tab with a sub-menu under it there are two choices for what happens when you click on that tab. You could click on it and have it go directly to the first menu option Espresso.

A better option is usually to allow your customer to click on the tab and have it take them to a summary or general explanation page. As you can see in the graphic below the page Drinks lists all of the items (Espresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha) with a short explanation of each.  Each item name can then forward the user to the item page so when you click on the blue word Espresso it will take you to the Espresso page.

Category Pages


If you don’t have enough content to write a page for each item you can also just have the category tab take you to a single page with all your options listed there and no links to any other pages.

Menu Option 4b

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