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This is a fictional coffee and dessert company that we put together to give you the opportunity to try your hand at adding, changing or deleting website pages, blog posts and media.

Click here for instructions on how to try the demo.

Central Tech Solutions provides small businesses with an alternative to a costly customized website. We use WordPress which is an open-source blog publishing application and content management system (CMS). It contains both static web pages like a traditional website and blog posts. Since the content is separate from the design of the website it’s very easy for you to add, change or delete information on your pages.

Traditional website design and development done by a professional is generally expensive and most of the time you must pay for any updates to your website.

These Websites are:

  • Quick to set up and maintain
  • Easy for you to update
  • Inexpensive – your website can cost as little as $400!
  • Customized to your logo or color scheme

The WordPress application provides a web-based interface, giving you the ability to quickly and easily change the content on your web pages without having to learn to use web development software. Best of all, that means no more paying for changes!

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